Q. What is M2M Donations?
A. M2M DONATIONS  is a Direct Funding Platform, Person to Person. It brings forth a new way of raising funds for various causes, whether it is for personal needs or a host of worthy causes, such as schools, non-profit organizations, clubs, etc.

Q. Is M2M Donations a Company, a Business, or a Corporation?

 A. Neither. M2M Donations is a Platform made by the people for the people. It was created by a group of like-minded people for this very purpose.

Q. Why M2M Donations?
A.  M2M Donations 
works on a simple, very fast-filling 3 member starting matrix, which then automatically leads to positions in all other levels/matrices. All each member needs to do, is refer 3 new people to the program. As long as everyone works together to refer 3 new members, this system works incredibly well and extremely fast.

Q. Who donates to you?

Members that you see in your 1st generation (Level 1) they will donate you 0.002 btc in basic start matrices. Those that you see in your 2nd generation will donate 0.004 to you when they (automatically) step up to Level 2. Those in all other stages will donate to you whenever they step up to that particular Stage/Phase. As your donations increase with every Phase upgrade, the same applies to your referrals donations when they donate to you in the exact same fashion.

Q. How do I join M2M Donations?
A. Ask the person who invited you to provide you with their own unique referral link, and use that link to signup. If no one had invited you, just click on the register button.

Q. Is M2M Donations available worldwide?
A. Yes, M2M Donations is available to anyone with an internet connection and the willingness to donate and to get donations.

Q. What donation/pay processors are used?
A. We use Bitcoin network to make it easy for members to donate to each other.

Q. Can I have more than one account?

A. You don't need to have more then one.

Q. Are there any refunds?
A. No, there are no refunds, donations are given freely and willingly. M2M Donations has no control over the donations transferred between members, cannot undo or reverse transactions, and the bitcoin network does not offer such a function even if we wanted to. 

Q. I don't have a bitcoin wallet, where do I go to open a bitcoin wallet?
A. We highly recommend you go get a Bitcoin wallet at https://blockchain.com/wallet/  It's beginner friendly and easy to use (especially the mobile app) and in most countries it has integrated support for exchanges so you can exchange your BTC into fiat currency if you like, all from inside the wallet.


Q. Do we only upgrade to the next level after receiving donations?
A. Yes. When you revive all the donations for a given level, system automatically upgrades you to the next level, and withdraws the net profit to your bitcoin wallet.

Q. Is there a withdrawal limit ?
A.  There is no limit on how much you can withdraw. Actually, you don't even have to withdraw, the system does it for you automatically.

      There is however, an automatic "system limit" - all withdrawals that may happen before you do the minimum required work - referring your 3 personal referrals to join your downline, will be rejected.
Once you have 3 active referrals, every next withdrawal that will happen after you have 3 referrals, will head straight for your bitcoin wallet. 
This is to ensure fair-play, so members can't rely on spillover function to bring them profit. Spillover function is when you get a position in your downline filled by a member that it is not your personal referral, but came from someone else in your upline who has referred more then 3 personal referrals.

Q. Isn't this like a pyramid/ponzi scheme?

A. No, it's not. A pyramid scheme means that only the top members of the hierarchy really get paid, and usually it is a scam that dissipaters as soon as the top members, or the company itself satisfy their appetites. M2M Donations is real deal, and allows every member to earn the same amount by doing the same amount of work, and donations are paid only to those one level above. You can also receive more donations than your sponsor if your referral structure is more capable then your sponsor's. 
There is no magic here, there is no free money. What goes in with donations given, goes out with donations received. There is no minimum withdrawal limit, no long delayed withdrawals where platform owners use your actual funds for personal investments, etc.
No one holds your money. It's just pure math, and everything adds up to the last Satoshi (minus network transaction fees) 

Q. How to participate?

A. There are 2 ways to get involved:
This first one is highly recommended. If you have been invited to join, click on that person’s referral link and you will be instructed to fill out a simplified registration form.
In the event that you were not invited by a member, then you can join by going to https://m2mdonatons.com  and click on the Register button in the top menu. You will then be referred directly and the system will automatically place you down into the first eligible or qualified member's genealogy.

Q. Will M2M Donations make a profit from users donations?
A. No, absolutely not! There are no fees or commission, no membership. M2M Donations platform is free to use! Only the withdrawals to your btc wallet are subject to regular bitcoin network transaction fees. M2M Donation is a non-profit organisation, and does not make any profit from its activities.