How it works


How does it work?    


When you join and register your account on M2M Donations,

first you must activate your account - by purchasing a position in a matrix of your choice.

You purchase a postion by donating to another member

Register now, and send your first donation, from as little as 0.002 BTC  to begin! 


To register and activate your account, follow the 2 easy steps. You will need an active email address, and a bitcoin wallet.
IMPORTANT: we highly recommend useing a Gmail email address to register with, as other email providers,
such as Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, etc. tend to bounce or throttle down email traffic that comes from our server, and you get emails with quite a delay, or not at all. And you need the emails to come in without delay, as for eveyr login you need a login code for 2-factor authentication, which is sent to your email address every time you login with your password and username.

Step 1. - To register with M2M Donetions you will need an email address, and a Bitcoin wallet address on which you will receive donations. If you don't own a bitcoin wallet, go and get one, for example at 

Now, if you were invited to join M2M Donations by a person referring you(your sponsor), you should access the register process using the referral link that you got from that person. In this way this person will be assigned as your sponsor, and you will be positioned in that person's downline.
If no person has invited your to join as a part of his/hers donation group, then just simply click on the register button in the menu, and follow the instructions.

Once you register your account, log in to your back office and enter your Bitcoin wallet addres, and then you will proceed to step 2.

Step 2. - To activate* your account, you must make a donation by purchasing a position in any matrix**

*- please note that your account that has been created, but not activated(by donating) will be deleted after 72 hours.
    If that happens - no need to worry, after the account is deleted, you can sign up again just as you did before.

**- please note that when your personal referrals register, in order to upgrade and join your downline the proper way, they MUST buy a position in the SAME matrix that you have a position in (and you can have positions in more then one matrix) If they upgrade by purchasing a position in the matrix that you don't have a position in, they will not be signed up to your downline! So choose your strategy at the very start, or simply purchase a position in each of the matrices, so your referrals will "belong" to you no matter what matrix they choose to upgrade with.

In order to buy a position, log in into your M2M Donations back office, go to Financial>Upgrade via the Back Office menu on the left.
There you will see a list of available matrices, and on the right side in the last column next to each of the matrices first Phase/Level you will see green Donate buttons.
Click on the Donate button for the matrix that you choose to upgrade with.
Next, a new page will open, and a btc address with an amount in btc you need to donate will be shown.
- If you are using a mobile app for your wallet, the easy way is to just scan the barcode and the app will fill in the address and the amount automatically, requiring you to just press "pay" button to confirm and send the payment.
- If you are using a web wallet or a desktop app, then just copy/paste the shown btc address into the send payment form of your wallet app, enter the shown amount in BTC, and send the payment. Please note that you must send the exact ammount (transaction costs are extra, so the total funds payed will be Cost of the position + transaction fee) otherwise your payment will be rejceted.

You have few hours to make the payment after you initiate it by clicking on Donate button.
If in that time a transaction to a given btc address is not registered on the Bitcoin network by the payment processor, or you did not send suficient funds, 
the purchase will be cancelled automatically, and your position will not be purchased, since no bitcoin was received.

Few minutes after sending the payment from your wallet, the transaction will be registered by the payment processor,
and when the transaction gets confirmed on the bitcoin network, M2M system will grant you a position in the matrix and upgrade your account.
The whole process should not take more then 1 hour, from making the payment to account upgrade, however the actual time may vary depending on the bitcoin network performance.    

After the upgrade process is complete, you will be notified by email, and the position that you have bought will be shown on your back office dashboard, under the appropriate tab with the name of the matrix that you have purchased the position in.
Once you are upgraded, you are ready to receive donations.


Only the first position in the matrix has to be purchased manually,

and the rest of your advancement though the levels and other matrices, and withdrawal of received donations - is taken care of buy M2M Donations automated system.

You really don't have to do anything, it's all automatic!

 All profit that you earn is withdrawn automatically to your bitcoin wallet


System collects the donations that you receive, untill the moment you have enough funds for the auto-upgrade to next level/phase, and once the funds for that upgrade are deducted, the rest of the donations you receive after that are automaticlaly withdrawn to your btc wallet as soon as you receive them from a member in your downline. No need to request a withdrawal, it's all automatic - after approval your withdrawal is headed straight to your btc wallet!

That's all !

It's all taken care of by our automated system. Forever!
The matrices with a cycling function will repeat themselves forever, 
and will be withdrawing your earnings even when you are gone from this world! 

All you have to do - is refer 3 persons to program!


The rest is taken care of by persons that get referred further down your downline,

by the "everyone referrs his/hers own 3" rule.
Following this simple rule all of your downline is filled, where everybody donates just to one level above - to their sponsor, and at the same time funds his sponsor's advancement to next level.

With every next level of referrals the total number of referrals in your downline multiplies by 3.
First, there are you - 1
Then there are your personal referrals - 3
Then there are persons who your referrals refer - 9
and then the referrals of your referals referrals - 27

and so on to continue with 81, 243, 729, 2187 members, and so on..

If every new member in your downline needs one week to refer his/hers 3,

after 7 weeks you will live a 1 BTC/Day life! 
It's that simple! Now and forever!
And all everyone needs to do is refer 3 persons to join his/hers downline!

This is how it works:

Here is an example of starting with the Springboard matrix.

When you purchase a postion in the Springboard,

and then your referrals join the Springboard matrix when they upgrade,

you will receive 0.002 BTC from each of them.

From those 0.006 BTC

- 0.002 are auto-invested in your position in Super Fast Startup matrix

- 0.002 are auto-reinvested in the Springboard matrix, where you start over, and your 3 referrals follow suite very soon, and in that way it cycles forever.

- Your net profit of 0.002 BTC is automatically withdrawn to your bitcoin wallet after approval.

And every time you cycle the matrix, same thing happens: autoinvest into SFS, autoreinvest to Springboard(aka. recycling) and the net profit is withdrawn.

Then, as you get your position in Super Fast Startup matrix,

your referrals will follow you soon, as soon as they cycle the Springboard matrix themselves.

Next, once you reach Level 2 of SFS matrix and funds start to come in,

they will autoinvest in your position in Followup matrix, and also in the Company Forced matrix, and it will also get you a new position in SFS to start over.

As the rest of the donations flow in, they will head directly to your bitcoin wallet as withdrawn net profit.
Now you have covered all the matrices, and you advance trought them as your downline grows and your referrals fund your way to the top.
And when you reach the top, it does not end!
It just keeps repeating again and again, even before you reach the top!

You can also start with other matrices, and they may have a different way of working then the explained example, but they all work in a similar way, so any choice is a good one, as long as you stick to the simple "everyone referrs their own 3" rule.







 And all you have to do is refer 3 persons to the program!

3 persons that will be able to do the same job you did - refer their own 3, and so on for every new member down the line. Only in this way you will see your dreams come true, sooner then you thought they could ! 



That's all!

Yes! You can!