Here is some useful information for you who are signing up from MyAddsUp.
MyAddsUp is a great marketing tool that can get you referrals, but please note that we are not MyAddsUp - we are a completely separate platform.
As such, we can not assist you in matters that concern anything outside of what we offer here on M2M Donations,
and we can not be responsible for the lack of your sucess when you use such a marketing tool.
It's all up to you, and MyAddsUp. Any support or complaints regarding those issues, are only to be discussed with MyAddsUp.
How you get your referrals, and how you build your downline, is your sole discretion!

Click HERE  for a useful .pdf tutorial on how to sign up, and make good use of your MyAddsUp to generate personal referrals 

 Here it is also explained step by step in this video:


If you don't have MyAddsUp and you are just joining not from the link seen on MyAddsUp, the part of the process(Step 2 in the .pdf) is the same.

But, as MyAddsUp referral link rotator is a very good promotion tool, we encourage you to go there and get yourself an account! and then use the whole tutorial to get yourself set up with the M2M Donations account, and a great promotion tool that MyAddsUp is.