Problems with login/payments/withdrawals/myaddsup ?

To resolve your problem please try this before you submit a support ticket.


2-factor Authentication, what is that ?

Email login code is dead, long live the Authenticator code!

We never thought that we should explain how to use a simple app as the Google's Authenticator app is, and never thought that someone who has a bitcoin wallet has never used the Authenticator app before, but here we are ;)

If you have not noticed a red link just above the QR code for the Authenticator setup when you entered your login credentials, a link that says "Click here for instructions" then maybe you will look here before you send us a support ticket asking what is that all about.

To log in from now on, you must first set a 2-Factor Authentication for your account.
This is done by setting up a Authenticator app on your Android, iOS, or BlackBerry device(smartphones, tablets)
or on your desktop/laptop computer (MacOS, Windows) or even as a plugin for your Chrome browser.

If You have an Android phone or tablet, you probably already have the app installed(Google's Authenticator), but should you not, just go to the app store/Play store and install it.
There are also other apps, like Authy for example, which works on multiple platforms, and you can even have your authentications on multiple devices, you can back them up, etc. We highly recommend Authy app (you DO need to have a working email and cellphone number to use it)

If you only have a cumputer, there is a simple desktop computer app for Windows 7(or later) computers which also works nice, download it here: WinAuth Take a look at the instruction video below, which shows in detail how to install and setup your WinAuth desktop app.
WinAuth supports backups, so you can backup your authentications too!


If you haven't set up Authenticator app before, here's how it works:

This is how you set up your 2-Factor authentication with Google's Authenticator app(others are probably very similar)

1. log in to M2M Donations with your credentials

2. when you successfully log in, next page will show 2FA setup QR barcode

3. make a screenshot of the page by pressing "prt sc" button on your keyboard(if you are ona computer. On a phone is usually a combinations od power and volume buttons), or print the page

- You NEED to do this, and have the QR barcode SAVED and kept in a safe place, because if you loose or brake your device, without one of them you will NOT be able to setup 2FA on your new device on your own!

4. open the Authenticator app on your device, tap the red "+" button, then choose the "Scan a barcode" option, and aim the viewfinder so the code fits inside it, and the authentication will be all set inside the app.

5. now, type in the 6-digit code that is now displayed in the Authenticator app, into the "Login code" field on the M2M Donations page with the QR barcode, and press Submit. That's it! Next time you log in, you just type that 6-digit number that is shown in the app.

So no more emails, you already have the login codes with you, secure and away from hackers, you only need to open the app, and then enter the code you see in the app. Simple as that, and at the same time very secure.


Take a look at this video, to see what you are supposed to do:



You only have a phone, so can't scan the 2FA barcode ? Ask a friend to help you!


 Don't have a smarthpone? No problem at all. Have a code generting app on your computer!



Have problems loging in?

1. If after you type in your correct username/password and complete the Captcha anti-bot test, and then it says - "Invalid form. Reload the page and try again." and you happen to be using Chrome browser - the solution might be to use a different browser.

If that does not help, and you are sure that you have entered everything right, it might be that you are a victim of a CSRF attack, and that's why it won't let you in no matter what you do. Solution? Try a different device.

2. if you enter everything and an error pops up saying "Incorrect password." then you have typed in a wrong password. You can then use the "Click here if you need to reset your password." link in the bottom of the page if you really can't remember it.

3. if it says "Please wait 5 minutes." after your unsuccessfully try to log in few times in a row, then you need to wait for 5 minutes before you try again.
If the problem number 1 didn't happen, and you get this error and it persists eventhough it's been more then 5 minutes from your last try - you might want to clear your browser's cookies for the domain, and clear browser's cash, and then refresh the page and try again.

4. You have just signed up, and then you are trying to log in, before you did as instructed when you have signed up successfully - went to check your email and clicked on the activation link - you can try all you want, but you will never log in before you activate your registration by clicking on the link in the email.

5. not getting emails with activation link, pasword reset ?
   - Are you sure you entered a valid email address of yours? If not, go back to the register page, and register once again, this time with the valid address. If you try to register with the same address as before, the form will report such an error - already user with that email.
   - Is your email address on domains such as Yahoo, MSN, Outlook, Hotmail ? These are known to throthle down, or completelly block emails from our servers, and sometimes the mail will get to you, and sometimes not. So go ahead and just register again with a properly functioning email service address - such as Gmail. If you already have an account and you have upgraded, or you are someone's referral but you don't have or can't get his/hers referral link again, or you just want to keep the current one - send us an email to [email protected] from your registered email address(so we know it's really you) and give us your new address, and we can change it for you.

If you do really need to submit a support ticket, your first words should be: "I have read the Problems page, but it did not work for me..." and then please EXPLAIN in DETAIL what is happenning exactly, so we won't have to guess,
or even better - make a screenshot, and send an email to [email protected]
Your support ticket or email must include: detailed explanation of the problem you are facing, what do error messages say, and what browser you are using, on what operative system, and what device.
Makes out job much easier, and you get your problem resolved faster !


Problems with payments when upgrading ?

Let's just get things straight and clear firts: 

A. We don't handle payments - our payment processor does, and that's CoinPayments.
B. No, we don't and can't now why your transaction is taking long time to confirm. You have made the transaction, not us! - but we can guess(more on this in the text below)
C. Until you see on your payment's status page that it says "Status: Completed" we did not receive your funds, and we can't do anything about it, or your purchase. No funds = no position.

1. When you iniciate a purchse of the position AND you create a transaction to the given address, you will get an email with the subject "Coinpayments Payment Verified" Note that it says Verefied, which is a different word with a different meaning then the word Confirmed.

So, what that email informs you is - that your transaction has been "noted" on the network, and they confirm for what ammount you are purchasing a position (0.002 or perhaps 0.02. Be carefull with the zeros!)
And then you have a link to a status page of your initiated payment, where you can check the progress of the transaction.
You don't need us to do this for you!
When you click on the link and check it out, you will note that there is a clock thicking away there, counting down to zero.
This is the time which is allotted by Coinpayments for your transaction to confirm on the bitcoin network (2 confirms are needed)
This time is 8 hours. Confirmation from the blockchain confirms that the transaction is valid, as in that you have sent funds to the right address.
Now, it does not confirm that you have sent the right ammount due to invoiceed amount (the cost of the position)
So if you send less funds that you should have, the transaction will be confirmed, but it will not be completed, as you did not send enough funds.
This meens that we will not receive your funds, which means you don't get your position.
When you payment time for confirmation is out, and you sent no funds, or sent partial funds, or your transaction did not confirm in the given time of 8h - your payment will be cancelled.
At that time your funds(if you have sent any) are with Coinpayments. When it cancells, you will get an email from Coinpayments informing you of steps you must take in order to claim a refund of your funds. After you complete that, your funds will be back to your account shortly after that.
Not at any time are the funds with us, so we are not the one to be contacted about the "refund" and we can not influence anything in that matter.

2. it's been hours since you made the transaction, but status says it is not confirmed, or you just don't se your position in your back office ?
    First thing's first - check the status by cliking on that link from that email. If it says that it is not completed, then it is not completed!
    Why is it taking so long? We don't, and can't know! But we can guess - you have set a networkk fee that is too low, so no miner is interested in including your transaction in the block - in other words: it's not a priority. But it may confirm if 5 hours, 8 hours, or 24 hours. Or never
So for this you have only yourself to blame. Not the network, not the Coinpayments, nor us. Just yourself. And you can only sit and wait for it to timeout after 8 hours.
So, set a fee that is apropriate. On wallets, fee set to Regular is usually a 1-3 hours confirmation time. And that's ok. If you are in the hurry, select Priority, and then it's less then an hour, but don't expect  5-15 minutes. Custom fee perhaps? Sure, but first be sure you know what you are doing.

3. Payment Funds Received - email from Coinpayments with this subject, means what it says in there. And that is that we have received your funds!
    That means that your transaction which was first verefied, then confirmed, just got Completed. From this moment on, we are responsible for giving you your product - the position. It usually takes 5-10 minutes for your position to appear after the payment has been completed. If you don't see it after 1 hour, then you can send a support ticket and we can check what went wrong.


Why my withdrawal has a Pending status?

1. Because we have manual approval of withdrawals. This is for security of your funds. This is a job for a human, not a robot. Humans must take a brake, eat, sleep, and they can't be available 24/7. So you just wait. No need to send us support tickets and ask what it going on.

2. Now, is your withdrawal on Pending status for more then 24h ? In one case this is normal. And that is the case when you don't have a minumum of 3 personal referrals. Just like it says in multiple places on the pages, and in your Back Office right infront of your eyes when you log in - "No withdrawals will be processed until 3 direct referrals. You have 0 direct referrals." Yes, your position has earned profit, from spillover for example. But you did not earn it, because you did not do the work you are supposed to do in order to keep your downline and income sustainable. To motivate you, there is the rule - no 3 referrals = no withdrawal.
What will happen to your pending withdrawal? We are usually of good will, and will wait for couple of days before we reject it. Rules say it will be rejected at once, but we might be of good will and not do so right away.
Now, if you do get those 3 referrals in those couple of days, and we have not rejected your withdrawal yet - send us a support ticket, and say "Hey, I've got 3 referrals now, could you please approve my pending withdrawal" and we will sure be glad to do so!
We might have missed the fact that you got referrals in the meantime, so do let us now.
If your widthdrawal does get rejected - it's not the end of the world. After you have 3 referrals - you will qualify for every withdrawal that may come next. And it will come, because you are actually doing work, and hopefully your referrals are doing the same.

3. Please note the difference betwen these important words and their meanings: withdrawal, payment, balance, earned.

Withdrawal - this means an automatic withdrawal of your profit (which then needs to be approved before you receive it to your btc wallet)

Payment - most often seen in a notification email that says "a payment has been aplied to your position..." Payment is not profit, and it is not withdrawal of profit. Payment is when other member joins a downline of your matrix position. It means that that member has payed for the position he/she took. Please also note that in Level 2 of any matrix, a position in the downline tree show as "taken" does not mean that it has been payed for! It is payed for only when that member has enough balance to fund that position (pay it to you) and only then you will see a payment being applied to that position.

Balance - a sum of payments for a given position that the system is collecting for your next upgrade. This balance you can not withdraw, and you can not use, it is reserved only for your next position upgrade.

Earned - this is what you have earned on that matrix position. In other words, a sum of all payments that your position has received. This does not equal profit, as the profit is only nett "leftover" after the rest of the earnings are invested in your next position upgrade. Only after the upgrade to the next position, the payments that you receive become your profit, which is then automatically withdrawn(after aproval)

Have you signed up from MyAddsUp or other adds/services provided by our members ?

Great! All of those are really good tools that help both sides reach the same goal!

But, if you are not satisfied with the way things are going for you, number of your referrals, the time frame in which you are getting(or not) your referrals,
or you have any other issue that is not directly connected to the services M2M Donations are providing - then we and our support are not the right place for your questions!
Those services are a sole responsibility of their owners, and we are not them!  So please ask your questions at the right place.